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UK Coffee Week



As it’s UK Coffee Week this week, we’ve been celebrating our own coffee as it is locally sourced from The Burlap & Bean Company – a family run business operating in the Forest of Dean.


Having begun in 2015, the company has gone from strength to strength, and have since gone on to become a successful local business whose ability to combine both coffee and homeware gifts has allowed them to form a creative, quirky, and unique business, with a strong ethical focus.


Burlap & Bean pride themselves not only on their ethical emphasis, but also on their understanding of the vitality of great taste and flavour. Over the years the company have refined and perfected their recipes to create a delicious variety of South American coffee blends, ranging from the usual expresso, Colombian, and Guatemalan tastes, to their own unique blends, 16 & 71, some of which are available in-store at our Food Emporium. This flavour is also notably due to the hand roasting methods the company utilise, rather than depending on the mechanics of machines like so many larger coffee suppliers do.


As the providers of all our coffee, you can taste the delicious coffee blends from The Burlap & Bean Company in our Café and Food Emporium. And, if you’re looking for some coffee mug inspiration, check out the image below for our favourite mugs, also available from The Attic today!


We’ll leave you with these fun facts about Coffee!


  1. 1. During Turkish wedding ceremonies, grooms were made to vow to always provide their brides with coffee. Failure to do so could result in divorce.
  2. 2. The Boston Tea Party resulted in Americans switching from tea to coffee as an expression of freedom.
  3. 3. Beethoven was such an ardent coffee lover that he’d count 60 beans per cup before making his brew.